G + S House - Cologne

The villa with a highly flexible floor plan is perfectly adapted to the characteristics of a neighbourhood dominated by steep roofs from the 1950s and to the mature stand of trees on the grounds. The differing orientations and specifications driven by energyconservation led to a highly differentiated and varying architectural expression, right down to the choice of materials. Like a puzzle, the building fabric is composed of a two-storey solid construction, rendered in white, topped by an aluminium-and-glass structure and flanked by two single-storey wood-constructed cubes. The highlight of the building is located in the penthouse-like superstructure: a bedroom that opens onto a generous roof patio above the glass-covered west loggia. In order to ensure that the flow of light across the property would be experienced across the full depth of the building, the entrance and dining areas were conceived as two-storey atria. Predominantly closed on the street elevation to the north, the building opens up beneath the shelter of the trees on the south and west sides. On these sides the spatially complex, generously glazed interior, much of which is emphasised with objets d’art, enters into an intense relationship with the similarly designed garden landscape with reflecting pool and additional works of art.

Cooperation partners Haus G + S

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Completion: 2000
LPH: 1 - 9
Owner: private
BGF: 593
BRI: 1.734
Honors: 2002 - Architekturpreis Holger-Reiners Stiftung Einfamilienhäuser - Energiebewußtes Bauen: 1st Prize for G + S House
Projectnumber: 403