Philipshalle - Düsseldorf

The competition to revitalise a multi-purpose hall used for sports events and concerts posed the challenge of transforming an existing building of undistinguished appearance into a landmark structure that would stimulate the renewal of the surrounding area. In response, GATERMANN + SCHOSSIG’s competition-winning proposals create a dynamic new venue with a distinctive character all its own. The scheme preserves the bulk of the accommodation and sees the addition of a new lobby and extended backstage areas. The radical revitalisation of the complex is advertised by a striking new envelope of aluminium and glass skin that wraps the building; within this enclosure the various areas such as event spaces, restaurants and conference facilities are visible as discrete architectural volumes linked by walkways. Thus transformed, the building offers more space and improved facilities as well as conveying a future-orientated identity.

Projektpartner Philipshalle 10

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Price: Competition 1st Prize
Advertiser: Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf
Planning: -
Typology: Special buildings
Project partners: <a href= target=_blank>IGH-Ingieurges. Höpfner</a>, Köln (TGA)
Ingenieurbüro Gehlen, Düsseldorf(Statik)
BGF: 10.320
BRI: 67.350
Charges: 18.970.000
Direct costs: m² BGF 2.021 €
m² 20.867.000 € (incl. unvorhergesehenes)
m³ BRI 310 €
Keywords: Eventhalle
neues ortprägendes Image durch dynamische designte Aussenhülle

neugestaltete Aussenhülle integriert zusätzliche Funktionen

multifunktionales, transparentes 3-geschossiges Foyer
Publications: ?
Colleague: Alfred Schelenz (PL), Thomas Kraft, Alexander Baumgarten, Regina Donner
Projectnumber: 459