G DATA Software AG - Bochum

This competition scheme proposed a new zero energy office building for a software company. The scheme is designed to be extended in phases, with the first phase of development creating a coherent building that can be extended with ease but does not look unfinished in the interim. The building typology is H-shaped in plan, with two wings of office accommodation linked by a slim connecting structure; it rises to three storeys towards the west of the site and the ground slopes away to reveal the podium structure, containing underground parking, on the eastern side. staircases are located at the heart of the plan within each of the main ‘wings’, freeing up the entire facade for office accommodation with views out onto the surrounding parkland. The building presents a strongly defined elevation to the street, while those elevations facing the parklands are characterised by set-backs that create external terraces above the podium.

Cooperation partners G DATA Software AG - Bochum
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Competition: 2008 invited competiton
Price: 4 th Price
Advertiser: G DATA Software AG
BGF: 16.260
BRI: 52.140