Dominium Generali Deutschland Holding - Cologne

This office interior project posed the challenge of transforming a building designed to provide 45 individual office units into a single unified and fully-integrated working environment which conveyed the values and identity of the tenant company.
The outer skin of the building, designed by Hans Kolhoff, remains untouched, while Gatermann + Schossig’s interventions radically transform the former, rather fragmented interior of the building into a series of fluidly-connected spaces that actively encourage communication and interaction. A variety of carefully-chosen materials combine with the architectural deployment of light, colour and transparency to ensure that the building’s interior reads as a single, dynamic entity. The resulting scheme provides a dynamic contrast with the exterior of the building and effectively communicates the tenant’s corporate identity. The interior also features a range of bespoke furniture designed by Gatermann + Schossig. Unconventionally, the client employed a biologist as a specialist consultant to ensure that all materials used in the building were certified non-toxic and of the lowest possible emission rates.

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Completion: 2009
Owner: Hochtief Projektentwicklung GmbH, Köln
User: Generali Deutschland Holding AG
BGF: 24.600 m²
BRI: 74.340 m³